Culture of Coffee Drop

May 25, 2022
CompanyCulture of Coffee
Price.09 ETH
The special anniversary edition of A Culture of Coffee will include an interactive book, token-enabled access to a virtual project gallery with transmedia and 3D artifacts, as well as, IRL activations, and $COFFEE tokens for supporters of the crowdfund. All of this, while compensating the collaborators and coffee enthusiasts invested in collecting and preserving coffee culture, while actively shaping its future. Culture of Coffee will be collaborating with Web3 aligned indie coffee brands, cafes, and companies, who work IRL to keep modern coffee culture strong by nurturing social dialogue and advocating for equitable coffee production.

Three levels will allow varying levels of access, utility, control and collective benefits.
Level 1: Book .09ETH – 2,000 available

Level 2: Book + Brew .26ETH – 850 available

Level 3: Book + Brew + Sip 1ETH – 99 available

For additional details on the NFT levels and project roadmap please visit the site.
Added on May 25, 2022