March 22, 2023
  • #nft
CULT&RAIN is the first luxury fashion brand born from Web3. Following two successful drops of sneakers and varsity jackets, CULT&RAIN continues to expand its wardrobe with DROP 002.

Minting in March, DROP 002 consists of 401 NFTs, each paired 1:1 with a luxury NFC-chipped hoodie. The hoodies will be made from the finest fabrication (same makers of Fear of God), shipped worldwide for FREE, and embedded with an NFC chip that is paired with each holder's NFT โ€“ creating one phygital asset that truly pushes the boundaries of fashion. CULT&RAIN will host a phygital marketplace on its website that supports peer-to-peer transactions among sellers to safely buy, sell, and trade phygital wearables through a secure transfer of both the NFT and physical ownership at once.

Some utilities that holders will receive include a FREE mint on DRESSX for a matching AR wearable, free future mints, brand discounts, exclusive airdrops, VIP access into the CULT&RAIN ecosystem, and the rarest assets will recieve a matching pair of โ€˜Made in Italyโ€™ luxury sneakers!
Added on March 22, 2023