Crypto Assets Conference(CAC22A) 2022

April 4, 2022
CompanyCrypto Assets Conference
Price€59.50 Euro
Join 300 guests on each of the 3 days or 5000+ online at this year’s Crypto Assets Conference (CAC22A) from April 4-6, 2022. A diverse range of industry experts and thought leaders will participate in this leading European blockchain conference through presentations and discussions, covering top-level content about current trends in the world of blockchain and crypto-assets.

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About CAC22A

Blockchain technology, since its emergence, has created hundreds of digital assets and spurred new business models on decentralized networks. Due to its rapid evolution, the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center organizes the Crypto Assets Conference, inviting executives, founders, investors, and representatives from public authorities to discuss the latest insights into this disruptive technology.

Covering top-level content about current trends in DLT, blockchain, and crypto-assets through speeches, discussions, or pitches, as well as a diverse range of industry experts and thought-leaders, will unite at the leading European crypto conference.

Registration Details

​Day 1 (Mon., April 4, 2022): Bitcoin, Crypto Assets, DeFi, and NFTs

Day 2 (Tue., April 5, 2022): Digital Securities and Infrastructure

Day 3 (Wed., April 6, 2022): Digital Euro and Digital Identity, Sustainability

The #CAC22A will be a hybrid event including on-site attendance in line with social distancing regulations and an event Livestream. The networking opportunities will be placed outside.
Note regarding on-site tickets:
As the number of physical attendees is limited due to ongoing Covid-19 regulations, we have decided to collect a list of all interested participants through a questionnaire. Participants will be chosen and given the opportunity to purchase an on-site ticket. Therefore, the questionnaire is NOT an official ticket but an expression of interest.

In any case, an unlimited number of online tickets will be available so that you will not miss the CAC. This is in the case of tightened regulations. If you wish to apply for an on-site ticket, please click on the following link and fill out the questionnaire. Additionally, we will let you know as soon as possible whether we are able to offer you the chance to purchase an on-site ticket for #CAC22A. Thank you very much in advance!

Location: Virtual ( on CAC22A Website)
Number of Attendees: 1000+
Ticket Prices: €59.50
Participants, Speakers, Panelists: There will be speakers across the crypto world including developers as well as creators.
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