Creature Culture Collection – Pre Sale

May 24, 2022
CompanyCreature Culture Collection
Price.02 ETH
Creature Culture Collection pre-sale mint goes live on May 24, 2022

About the Collection: The Creature Culture Collection consists of 10,001 unique Creatures living on the Ethereum blockchain. Our NFTs feature a variety of bad-ass Creatures that are representative of all different ethnicities, styles, and genders. All walks of life are welcome! Enter if you dare and get ready to be amazed at what you might find!

Our Story: The world is extremely divided in these current times. The media and events over the last few years have polarized our society, resulting in a climate of hate, separation, and disunity. Our goal is to spread a message of positivity, inclusivity, and diversity through the Creature Culture Collection. This all started with a simple internet search. Upon searching โ€œvampireโ€, we couldn't help but notice that most of the results only represented one ethnicity. We hated the idea that certain types of people/appearances are underrepresented in our society. We took matters into our own hands and the Creature Culture Collection was born.

Our Mission: By becoming a member of the Creature Culture Collection, you are promoting a powerful message of positivity, inclusivity, and diversity for all to see. Our mission is to cultivate a group of like-minded individuals that are ready to promote the Creature Culture Collection message and inspire change amongst individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. Oh yeah, we also wanted to create some killer art that our members will be proud to show off (we think we already accomplished that mission).
Added on May 24, 2022