Conversations with Orion

November 14, 2022
Price0.13 ETH
Conversations with Orion is the first of ten collections and is our Genesis Collection of the Auroroboros Project.

Auroroboros is a multi-year project with the aim of helping struggling artists gain a foothold in the world.

We will be releasing many collections with the goal of community building and expanding auroraCollective, a growing art collection that will help artists worldwide gain exposure, skills, and resources through community-driven competitions, events, and scholarships.

Holders of the Auroroboros Genesis Collection, Conversations with Orion, will gain early access to future collections, as well as access to exclusive collections, and the ability to vote on community-driven features, events, and programs within auroraCollective.

Launch dates:
Presale: November 12-13, 2022
Public Sale: November 14, 2022

Presale Price: 0.12 ETH
Public Price: 0.13 ETH

Added on November 14, 2022