Cafe Loris Genesis Mint

February 28, 2022
CompanyCafe Loris
Owned by Lory, the lovable slow loris, Cafe Loris is the prime hangout for the residents of Town Loris. Lorises might seem cute but they also pack a gnarly bite loaded with venom powerful enough to rot flesh. Don't let the looks deceive you, these Lorises got more than they let on. So come and join these incredible and mysterious characters from Town Loris. We bet you’ll be surprised by what’s brewing here.

The Vision:
Cafe Loris will introduce unique character NFTs with various utilities. Our primary goal is to create a sustainable ecosystem, ought to be the most happening cafe in the metaverse, where NFT holders can hangout in their “Loris" avatar. At Cafe Loris, an individual will be able to interact, exchange ideas and do much more.
Pre-Sale of our first 2222 NFTs will be live from 28th February 2022.
Added on February 28, 2022