Bread Basket Battalion NFTs to Aid Ukraine

June 2, 2022
CompanyBread Basket Battalion
Bread Basket Battalion NFTs to Aid Ukraine - The creative community of web3 enthusiasts has been with Ukraine since the very first days of the war. Much has already been done and even more is to be done to bring peace to Ukrainian land. Currently, no one doubts the social value of NFTs, as millions of dollars have been fundraised to provide aid to the Ukrainian people.


When and Where

Bread Basket Battalion NFTs will be running from June 02, 2022 – June 07, 2022, on the OpenSea marketplace. One of the latest extraordinary NFT-centered projects, dubbed Bread Basket Battalion, is aimed to "fill a meaningful gap in the NFT space and is committed to creating a vibrant Web3 community that is centered on promoting peace, charity, and humanitarian efforts throughout the globe."

Meet 10K artsy BBBBattalion NFTs featuring Ukrainian soldiers fighting for peace in the metaverse. By the way, the community's name was chosen not in vain. It coincides with the way Ukraine is known throughout the globe, namely "Europe's Breadbasket."

Additional Bread Basket Battalion NFTs Details

Bread Basket Battalion or BBB is a perfect example of a charity DAO and a top-tier NFT project referred to as the “Humanitarian NFT” collection project. A half of all proceeds from NFTs sales will go to the Come Back Alive Ukrainian NGO. The other 50 percent will be staying within the community, rewarding its members, and funding further initiatives.

Join the promising community, which really helps. The date of the public sale will be announced soon. Stay tuned and stand for Ukraine!


Creator: Bread Basket Battalion

Blockchain: Ethereum

Marketplace: OpenSea
Added on June 2, 2022