Bored Yachts NFT Mint

March 28, 2023
CompanyBored Yachts
Price0.1 ETH
  • #nft
Bored yachts, a global decentralised yachting club led by Captain John Blackeye, is gathering yacht fans, owners and visionaries focused on inclusivity and sustainability within the web3 world. We’re aiming to build a sea-focused charity foundation that monetises a luxurious yachting experience whilst also giving members unique experiences, at a discount.

Bored Yacht's owns a 100ft Super Yacht which sails through the Mediterranean called Lady Amanda. We are first integrating the Lady Amanda Super Yacht so any NFT holders of our passes will be eligible to board the yacht at any party or event that we host. For example, we have already held events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Tennis Championships in Monte Carlo, and networking events for the BAYC fleet.

Lady Amanda is not the only yacht that will be implemented within the ecosystem. Through our network of Yacht Owners, we are going to be also integrating their super yachts within the Bored Yachts Club so the club can expand internationally.

At this current moment, we also have a $65,000 competition ongoing in relation to decoding our puzzle and gaining points. The 4 winners who have the highest amount of points, will have an all-expensed 5-day trip on board the Lady Amanda, also allowing friends and family to board.
Added on March 28, 2023