Bored Dodge Club

March 25, 2023
CompanyBored Dodge Club
Price1 Matic
  • #pixel Art
Bored Dodge is collection of 5555 unique dodge nft living on the polygon blockchain. In metaverse dodge could have a personality and especially a big imagination!!! There are 5555 unique dodge nft to make your own mate stories.
Bored Dodge Club is consists of almost 50 randomly assigned appearance properties and generated programmatically including facial expressions, mouths, eyewear, backrounds and skin colour.
Bored Dodge Club is drawn with inspiration from shiba Inu. Every feature is hand drawn by us. Once you've purchased a dodge nft, you have been granted ownership and commmercial use rights over your NFT.

There are no bonding curves. Purchasing a Bored Dodge costs 1 Matic which is equivalent to 1 dollar. There are no pricing tiers, all Bored Dodge Club membership is equally priced for everyone. Bored Dodge are offered to you at the mint price that will appeal to all audiences. More importantly, do not hestate to ask us your questions and thoughts , and of course do not forget to love your dodge.


Build excitement around the project thought social media and community building efforts. Encourage potential investors to sign up for updates an early access to the launch. Offer sneak peeks of nfts and tease the story behind the project.

The first 40% minted; five random holders will get a Bored Dodge Club nft airdop, this is because to show our gratitude for purchasing our NFT.

After 80% minted, we'll launch discord server, where there will be couple of giveaway to only exclusive NFT.

Secondary Market
Offer rewards and for most Bored Dodge holders and traders to incentivize them to continue participating in the Bord Dodge Club. Encourage the trade and resale of NFts on secondary marketplaces to build liquidity and create a thriving community of collectors.

Bored Dodge Club are here for the long run.............
Added on March 25, 2023