Bored Devil Club – Batch 1

January 22, 2022
CompanyBored Devil Club
Welcome to the Bored Devil Club

The Bored Devil Club is NOT an avatar or pfp project. It's the start of a community and your ticket to the entry into the EthFractory being created by us. The by-product of the utility is that you can use it as an avatar or pfp. Bored Devil Club will give you exclusive and priority access to whitelists, giveaways, pre-launch prices, closed club auctions, discounts and much more.

The Bored Devils are 3D Fractals born from months of research, testing with complex polynomial equations, mutations and carefully detailed artwork formed by complex mathematical fractals on industry grade software. Each Bored Devil is 1920x1440 px in size and NOT programatically generated but hand curated by us.

Total Bored Devil : 1500
Batch 1 - 150
Price - 0.09 ETH
Batch 1 Special price - 0.05 ETH

What is EthFractory?

EthFractory is our upcoming Flagship Project to present you breathtaking worlds in the metaverse. The name is an abbreviation for Ethereum Fractal Factory. The project aims to use complex mathematical formulas and fractals to create worlds you have never seen or imagined come to life and offer them to you as yours to own, experience and share in the metaverse.

We are already working on the EthFractory and produced some breathtaking results . The project will kick off and be available for public after the Bored Devil Club is full. EthFractory will produce some breathtaking world in the Metaverse and take you to and through them.

Being a member of the Bore Devil Club will offer you exclusive insights, offers, discounts, whitelist access and other membership benefits for the EthFractory and other upcoming projects.

How are we different from a million projects out there?

The market is saturated with tons of 10k generated pfp projects claiming to "revolutionize" the metaverse with rarity and features and what not cooked up same fancy terms we've been seeing since CryptoPunks and BAYC.

We never wanted to be a part of the crowd and actually wanted to create something which really impacts the metaverse we are talking about.

So we started out creating EthFractory. A Fractal Factory on Ethereum creating breathtaking worlds you never knew existed. Why fractals? Because they give us the opportunity to explore infinitely inside a single fractal nd in turn creating worlds of wonder. True Virtual Worlds which you have seen only in movies and dreamt of.

To indulge people in to this world and seek our their curiosity, we created the Bored Devil Club. A club for people like us, which gives a membership to exclusive and priority access to whitelists, giveaways, pre-launch prices, closed club auctions, discounts and much more for early adopters.

And on top of that, even if they use the Bored Devil as a pfp or avatar, it is one of the most beautiful pfp projects we have ever seen. Handcrafted 3D fractal avatar with each one being the rarest and only edition has a love and involvement from our side. That's why there is no rarity levels as we have made each one with equal compassion, effort, time, patience and love. Each one is rare. Each one is exquisite. Each one is the best.

If by now, even after looking at the Bored Devil, you aren't convinced, then the project might not be for you. We created it for real artists, collectors and people seeking out the real metaverse and able to identify the beauty, ingenuity and depth of a artwork and project.
Added on January 22, 2022