Blissful Buddha’s Society Sale

October 8, 2022
CompanyBlissful Buddha's Society
Price0.02 ETH
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Blissful Buddhas Society is a unique collection of 8000 digitally-drawn Snow Leopard NFTs levitating on the Ethereum blockchain, waiting for you to claim. You qualify to jump on the Peace Train by owning 2 tokens. Here you can hang out with other BB members and chill. Look out for Trinity and Fernley’s random existential thoughts on the meaning of life, and share yours. Loyal BB members who purchase 5 or more Blissful Buddhas automatically qualify for a VIP membership to the Zen Zone, where a unique guided meditation waits for you.
Extinction is forever. Every year more and more plant and animal species are coming under threat because of human activity. Consider this; a new home for each Snow Leopard brings us one step closer to our goal of donating to a snow leopard organization of your choice. The only way forward is for every one of us to do more. Let us act with grace and respect for every living creature and plant that contributes to the delicate ecosystem of our beautiful planet by making a real difference. It’s not too late. Will you be part of the change?
Snow leopards are often referred to as ‘mountain ghosts’ because of their secretive nature. One of the most enigmatic species on the planet, the snow leopard remains the least understood of the big cats because they are extremely elusive and challenging to survey. There are believed to be between 3 920 and 7 500 snow leopards still living in the wild today. The snow leopards status is currently listed as vulnerable. Celebrate World Snow Leopards day with us on 23rd October by contributing to our cause so that we can help protect them.
Going forward we will continue to fight the good fight. A sold out sale will see us creating a limited edition of rare tokens representing 12 Endangered Species. (Refer to our Roadmap) Enough interest from you will see us running a competition to decide which 12 we should create. There will also be gifts and dope merch up for grabs for loyal supporters. (Refer to Roadmap)
Added on October 8, 2022