Binkies NFT Free Mint

May 24, 2022
Mint June 4th

Binkies is a collection of 10,000 NFTs hopping about on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Binkie features 250+ trait variations, with all having something in common: a love of 24/7 partying and turning up. Whether you want a cutesy character or one known for its zombie-killing ways, we’ve got the perfect Binkie in mind.

They may be frisky, but the Binkies are helping us trailblaze the CC0 trend (aka open-source branding). We’re talking extension projects, free NFT education, good vibes, and tons more.

Join Binkyville and help us bridge the gap between Web3 and the physical world. We’re all about the community here, and we can’t wait to welcome our newest member: YOU!

As CC0 leaders in the NFT space, a roadmap simply doesn’t cover it. We have so much in the works, including:

• BinkyBank: 10% of royalties back to the community ($$$)

• BinkyAcadamy: Free NFT education to help the Binkies gang learn and thrive

• BinkyVille: Discord group where Binkies meet and party all night, every night

• BinkyBlock: Binkies binkying on the blockchain forever (double pinky promise)
Added on May 24, 2022