ArchZ Hellgate Edition on Ethereum | Mint available

December 2, 2022
CompanyArchZ Hellgate Edition
Price0.00333 ETH
  • #collectible
ArchZ Hellgate edition | ERC-721(A) | Collection of 999 unique, vicious, and savage ArchZ archons, enriched with elaborated metadata | public mint 0.00333 eth

With the Hellgate edition 999 vicious and savage ArchZ archons roaming the Ethereum blockchain amongst the deepest depths of mystery. All ArchZ archons from the Hellgate edition have added value through elaborated metadata and are truly unique, both visually and in terms of their metadata. Some ArchZ archons are wicked and some are just crazy.

Public Mint is available on the official website

ArchZ archons are the rulers of the universe.
"our contest is not against flesh and blood; rather, the authorities of the universe and the spirits of wickedness."

Unleash the ArchZ archons unto the Ethereum blockchain. #ArchZnft #ArchZeth
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Added on December 2, 2022