Arborescent Collection Drop

May 25, 2022
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#ARBORESCENT: the story behind

Arborescent is a collection of 4 works of art of a dynamic abstract genre, which intends to overwhelm the observer and drag him into a vortex of strength and energy. All the works are made with inclined brushstrokes and shapes bent diagonally, conveying a sense of frantic, shapeless and highly kinetic movement. The main theme is that of nature, which, as in the collection shared on OpenSea “naturalism”, dominates unstoppable in its vigor and expansion. Unlike “naturalism”, Arborescent has another protagonist that comes to life within its frames; I’m talking about the human brain and its neuronal structure.

At this point a person may wonder what is the connection between nature and the brain; well, without a doubt, the modality of connection and communication through a dense network of subtle ramifications, able to distribute information from a central point to the most distant centers in a few moments; both nature and the human brain are highly efficient in matters of transmission and expansion, at least for me and so I decided to express this concept through the use of stylized figures, highly dense as branches, pointed disharmonious shapes that seem to move in diagonal towards a specific direction in space, which gives a kinetic sense of rapid and uneven movement just like that of a data transmission signal that moves in space quickly and imperceptibly, and spherical shapes, which represent recursion and eternity apparent of this highly efficient operating system that connects directly in these 2 forms of representation: nature and brain.

The use of plant and vegetable brushes creates a visual assonance in line with the idea of nature and that of the brain, as I associate the image of the blossoming of plants with that of cerebellar development, like a multidirectional mushroom; The name “arborescent” derives from the thought of this phenomenon of rapid expansion in the neighboring space and from the energy inherent in it, which wants to identify the power of our mind comparable to plants in nature that expands, grows and develops all around generating new life. Nature and its floral expression are the symbol of breath, which it is the action that makes life sustain itself.

As my preference, also for the realization of this collection I used shaped brushes, defragmented and dispersion brushes the most.
Program used: Photoshop CC.
I have choosen brilliant colors also for these works, because I think there is a strong connection between warmth colors, unstoppable nature energy: high dynamism produce energy and heat.
size of works: 4000 x 5000 pixels
resolution: 300
Added on May 25, 2022